Filati di Cotone: conosci tutte le differenze e le tipologie?

Cotton yarns: do you know all the differences and types?

Cotton is a textile fiber obtained from cotton wool, which is this beautiful fluff that covers the seeds


once collected and spun it is transformed into cotton, one of the most popular and used yarns in the world.

There are many cotton yarns for knitting and crochet from different parts of the world and treated differently, let's clarify!

How many types of cotton are there?

  1. Virgin cotton: means the cotton fibers worked for the first time
  2. Regenerated cotton : it is a yarn obtained from the recycling of old clothes or textile waste, generating already colored cotton fibers, an excellent green idea to also avoid water waste and CO2 emissions.
  3. Mercerized cotton : the name indicates that the yarn has undergone a bath of caustic soda at 30 °, this makes the cotton feel better, more shiny and the color will be more solid and stable. Usually the famous Lisle is subjected to this process
  4. Gassed Cotton : the name derives from the fact that the yarn is passed at high speed over a "gas flame" which burns the protruding down of the just twisted cotton, making the yarn more uniform, fresh and smooth. Made on high quality cottons.
  5. Combed cotton : the name derives from the fact that the fibers are all combed in the same direction, thus obtaining a very resistant, shiny, little hairy and extremely soft yarn, therefore it is recommended for garments that will come into direct contact with the skin. In order not to lose its characteristics or to prevent your handmade masterpieces from shrinking, we invite you to wash it at low temperatures.
  6. Twisted cotton : fundamental characteristic of cotton for crochet, it is the "spiral" effect that prevents the threads that make up the ball from opening, making us work more easily and quickly.
  7. Makò and Egyptian cotton : these are high quality yarns from Egypt, the fibers are finer and finer. It has anti-allergic properties, resists multiple washes very well and keeps the color bright and unaltered over time. Ideal for making summer garments because it is very breathable, and for bikinis.
  8. Cablè Cotton : it differs from other yarns as the threads are assembled in a chain, ideal for crocheting as it does not tend to stretch with the weight of the work, It will be easier to follow patterns and measures better .

Here are some characteristics of our beloved cotton. On the market you can find yarns that have undergone more than one of the processes listed above to increase their quality more and more. Now that the ideas are clearer, remember to evaluate the yarn well according to the project: for dresses, long sweaters or shoppers we recommend a cablé cotton. For all other combed cottons, Egyptian twists guarantee freshness of the garment and super colors!

Good work and good Creativity to all!


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This is a light weight 5.5oz beautiful and bright cotton jersey made with a mercerized cotton yarn. Mercerized cotton is a very nice lustrous cotton yarn. mercerized cotton

mercerized cotton

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