Filati in Microfibra perchè sceglierli?

Microfiber yarns why choose them?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber of higher quality than acrylic and its use has significant advantages, let's see some together!

  • RESISTANCE: it is a very resistant fiber ideal for knitting with knitting needles, crochet hooks, machines and looms. Easy to transform into beautiful garments but also into bags, tapestries and carpets, you can find mine on

  • SOFTNESS: Very soft and soft, it is ideal for those with delicate skin such as that of children.

  • ANTI-PILLING: that is, it does not blow in the long term and is very easy to wash both by hand and in the washing machine.

  • BREATHABILITY: thanks to its fiber density, it allows the skin to transpire in any season, ensuring the correct body temperature.

  • ECONOMIC: microfiber has a lower cost than other yarns, moreover, for the same weight, there are many more meters of yarn to work.

  • ECO -FRIENDLY: not being a fiber obtained from animal hair, it is also perfect for people who are attentive to nature, animals and environmental protection.

In our shop there are four types: Mon Amour, Monnalisa, Fancy and Woolly. The difference is in the garments the yarn is made of.

Woolly: consists of 8 items, which make it workable with 6.5 / 7mm needles and 5.5 / 6mm crochet.

Fancy: is the 5-ply version of woolly microfiber and is a fancy yarn. We recommend washing it with knitting needles and crochet hooks 4.5 / 5mm.

Monnalisa: it is a yarn very similar to woolly, composed of 5 plies, it is worked with 6 / 6.5mm needles and crochet hooks

Mon Amour: it is a thinner and shinier yarn and is worked with 4 / 4.5mm needles and hooks.

Microfiber is a very versatile yarn and garments can be made for all seasons. Now you just have to choose and experiment with this new yarn for all your new projects!

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